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technical issues! July 17, 2009

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after a month of VERY stressful computer issues, i’m back online and ready to resume food related tales. my advice to those making music on a computer – back it up in as many places as you can! darnit!

in the meantime, here are some tasty things i have made whilst not online:

apple and fennel tarts:


cabbage and bread casserole:



gluten free brekky feast:


will have more recipes soon!


dearly departed dinos June 2, 2009

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check out these mega cute dinosaurs mark made on the weekend for the baryshnikov instore:

dino biscuits

i think he used a gingerbread recipe off the ppk website, but i’ll have to check with him. there were some rad-i-cool decorated ones, but unfortunately the icing was left at home so only dream house residents got to experience the glory of stripy dinos…


gingerbread is the new black? April 28, 2009

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seems like gingerbread humans are the new it thing. check out these rad ones from the ppk ladies:

and here’s some spesh easter ginger jesi (plural of jesus anyone?) made by the loverly jimmy in melbs:


(apologies for poor photography…)

these little guys bore the brunt of atheist easter rage:

yes it’s true, jesus is not my favourite man…

look out for a new take on gingerbread beings at the daniel striped tiger show on tuesday!


vegan, gluten freedom black forest cake (intensity: 100%) March 30, 2009

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oh whow! this is quite possibly THE greatest cake i have ever made in my life. cinta and i were in wellington for kalem and rich’s birthday weekend. and what does one do on birthdays??? eat cake!

i’ve never actually made a black forest cake before, or eaten one that i can really remember – they’re not the most common vegan item to find! but once requested, i cannot deny a birthday baking desire! from what i can recall, it’s basically oodles of cream and cherries, and cake soaked in dark cherry juice.

So we found a jar of cherries in the “new world”:


luckily they had all the other important things, like cremalta and gluten free flour (kalem is vegan and rich can’t eat gluten).

the byrne girls took over the garrett st kitchen (ably assisted by the wonderful apron in residence):


to me, black forest cake =

+ 2 dark chocolate sponge cakes

+ cherry and jam (sandwiched between the cakes)

+ chocolate buttercream icing

+ vanilla buttercream icing

+ chocolate sprinkles and more cherries to decorate

and VOILA!

review from mike:

“this is the best cake i’ve had since last time you were here!”