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Hola! April 21, 2008

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It has begun. This shall become a collection of both my cooking / eating adventures , and some music stuff too.

Food is such an important thing in my life. Partly it’s because we all need to eat to survive. Partly because I’m a vegan and I see the choices I make in respect to the purchase of food as such an important, everyday form of direct action. And partly cos I just LURVE to make and eat food.

I don’t generally cook to recipes – I tend to get an idea and then make it up as a go along. These measurements are just a guide, so feel free to muck around with them. Trust me, the worst that can happen to a dish is that it turns out a bit of a scrambled mess. Should still taste fine! You’ll just save your digestive tract some mushing work hahaha

Yours in gastronomy,

xxx trini


tea / cake party

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whow! if you missed this, you missed out! so many delish treats, sweet sounds and a great discussion group at the end. stay tuned for the next installment…